The Author and Characters

The Story Begins…

The Author

Sarah Dixon lives in York with her two children and works as a writer full-time. She aims to write books that adults will enjoy reading to children as much as children enjoy reading themselves. Stories to bring families together, packed with action, adventure and a side order of humour. When she isn’t writing Sarah can probably be found visiting a school somewhere, encouraging children to read, write or save the world!

Visit Sarah’s website to learn more about her and her other writing projects, including book signings, author events, and school visits!



Alfie Slider

10-year-old schoolboy, Alfie Slider, has a normal life until the day he finds a mysterious key in an alley. From the moment he picks it up, his life will never be the same again.

The Shape Shifter

In the first adventure, Alfie comes up against a shape shifting pirate alien called a Variado. The alien wants the key Alfie has found, and he can look like anyone as he searches for it.


Alfie’s Friends & Family

Alfie isn’t alone. He’s helped along on his adventures by his friends and family, even if they don’t share his big secret. There’s his best friend, Amy, the accident-prone Omar, pesky little sister, Lizzie, quiz-addicted Granny, weird parents and many, many, more.

The Frozen Prince

In book two, someone’s elbow hits a big red button and that small event pulls Alfie and friends into a interplanetary conflict. Can Alfie help the frozen prince?


What People Are Saying…

  • An Unstoppable Read

    This book has you gripped from the start, a real page turner, I love it and so did my 8 year old daughter

    Amazon Review
  • Gripping!!

    My 10 year old could not put it down! Would definitely recommend!!

    Amazon Review
  • Imaginative Sci-fi for kids.

    A great read, even better than the first Alfie Slider book. It kept me entertained so it’s going to be great for its 10year old target reader.

    Mario Brose