The Alfie Slider Series


Book 1

Alfie Slider Vs The Shape Shifter

Some people say that Alfie Slider is a bit weird, but he thinks that weird just means different. Weird is good! Living with his ‘different’ family is never predictable for Alfie, but nothing could prepare him for what happens when he finds a strange key on his way home from school. This is no ordinary key – it seems to break the laws of physics! Once he’s figured out how to use it, Alfie is caught up in adventures that are literally out of this world. This story has evil grannies, flame-throwing frogs, bossy computers, shape-shifting aliens, huge explosions, best friends and parallel universes. In other words, it’s a bit weird…but weird just means different!

Book 2

Alfie Slider and the Frozen Prince

All Alfie Slider has to do is keep the fact that he’s found a spaceship secret, until the alien police force reply to his message. Then someone’s elbow hits a big red button and Alfie and his friends get pulled into an interplanetary conflict. Does Alfie have what it takes to lead his team to a different world?


Book 3

Alfie Slider and the Quantum Isolator

When Alfie Slider’s spaceship takes unexpected damage, he needs to get his hands on some spare parts. So the crew of the Monkesto head off to a space market, where they run into alien friends and enemies, old and new.

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